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Ann Bush
Davison, MI

August 13, 2004



I saw Glenn and Roseanne Bernard today and they told me about this website. I enjoyed reading the notes and looking at the old pictures. I can't believe how we all looked back then and we thought we were cool!! Anyway when I locate my senior picture and a more recent picture I'll get registered. Thanks Marlene for the great website--we should get together to remember old times--you live so close!! I'm into running now and getting ready for the Crim 10 MILE RUN August 28th. I took 5th place in my age group last night at the 5K Joints in Motion at the Y in Flint!!

Jill Morgan Jimenez
College Place, WA

July 28, 2004



Good website. I wish there were more registered from my generation! Living in WA for 13yrs. now. Husband, Mike, 2 children, Jake, almost 12 and Libbie,10.

Patricia James
Mt. Morris, MI

July 25, 2004



Class of 1988 ........ Love to hear from some of the old classmates. And "HI" to all the ones that I do know.

Marlene Murphy
Linden, MI

July 24, 2004



Nila, if you're referring to picture #6 of the Adelphian Memories slide show, the Girl's Dorm IS in the picture. The picture was taken around 1959 - 1960 and show the both Dorms and the old "cafeteria" which was also the "Music building". If I recall correctly, the cafeteria in the new gym wasn't opened until 1964.

Nila Krantz
Albion, Mi

July 23, 2004



I just LOVE Marlene. My suster (Glenda) told me about it, and I get in there at least once a day to see if anything has changed or been added.
It is nice seeing old photos of people I went to school with ( yea class of "67" )
One question. In the snapshots pade, the Adelphian memories, ther is an ariel view of the campus, what year was that oic taken? It must have been taken before the girls dorm was built, but I thought the gym was built after that? will some one please enlighten me. Love and miss tou all,

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