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September 09, 2003



It still pains me that I couldn't graduate from Adelphian in 1988, but had to transfer to Andrews Academy.

The purple and gold live on in my heart!

Trudy Lane Hopkins, 1967
Kettering, OH

June 25, 2003



Hi to all friends from '66-70. I've often wondered how you are. Would love to hear from any of you. I am a Learning Disabilities Specialist and my husband Jim (Grand Ledge,'66) is Exec. Director of Good Neighbor House, an urban ministry. We have 3 children, our youngest, Rachel, will be a senior at GLAA this year. Best wishes!

April (Hawkes) Noland
Alexandria VA

June 09, 2003



Class '65. Haven't checked in to read the guestbook in a while. What fun to get updated. Hope we can get the word out to more and more friends/grads. Does anyone know whether a 40th reunion will be in the works (2005)? Marlene...once again the sincerest thanks from all of us for undertaking the efforts to "bring us together".

Kathi Ingleby
Northville, MI

June 08, 2003



I was happy to get this site address and have enjoyed taking a walk down "memory lane". Who can forget things like Lily's Laundry, the mill (unloading boxcars, of all things in a skirt), listening to (I think) Bob Williams play "Wonderland by Night" on his trumpet from all the way across campus, rolling up your skirt as soon as you scooted past Miss Foreman on your way out of the dorm, Vegalinks on Friday, and on and on. At the time we maybe did not think it, but we were truly blessed to have such an oppurtunity. Stand up and cheer!

Vesta Wohlers-Gutsche
Sunland, California

June 08, 2003



This is a GREAT website! Thanks from me, too, for creating this. Hopefully it will grow. Holly/Adelphian was my home for 11 years with my first home at the Historic Holly Hotel. From there it was a house on Michigan Avenue, then in "the chicken coop" on the campus to a new home on Academy Road, and finally "the dorm." I still have family in the area so I get back often and hear news oftener. I'm looking forward to Bev's 50th this year, and to mine next year. Let's all keep in touch.

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