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Marsha (Wilson) McNeese

September 03, 2006



Hi all. Would love to see the class of 78 do a 30 yr reunion since 25 didn't pan out well. So many of us move and emails change. I have had the same email for 8 yrs now and would love for anyone to email me to see if we can put together something. And since so many of us were close to the classes of 77 &79 would be nice to have just one big get together. Would also love to see some of the teachers that we had also. Drop me a line would love to hear from any and all.

Not provided

August 26, 2006



This website is Great! I will recommend you to all my friends. I found so much useful things here. Thank you.

Sheryal Howell
Apopka, FL.

August 12, 2006



I'd love to hear from old classmates from 1960-1967. After being away from Michigan for so many years, I've lost touch with many old friends. Drop me a note anytime. I'd really like to find Johann Derringer and Cheryl McElmurray.

Bless you Marlene, for taking this on and doing such an incredible job with it.

Sheryal Howell Vandenberghe Class of 65

Cathy Carle Keyes
Harrison, Idaho

July 01, 2006



Just spent the last hour reading the posts and enjoyed them so much. Dave retired three years ago and we moved to Idaho. Having lived at Adelphian for 11 years I consider it my childhood home. I love looking at the old pics. Those of you who worked in the mill from 1955 to 1966 will remember my dad, Gordon Carle. He passed away on fathers day 1993. My mom is 82 and lives in Paradise Calif. She is doing very well for her age even if she doesn't think so. Dave's brother Joe will killed in a car accident in 1975. He was in medical school at Duke University at the time of his death. Our daughter in law Michele Powers attended Adelphian and was the first class to graduate from GLA after Adelphian closed down. Elder Pratt married Dave and me in 1993. Our wedding was the last one he resided over before his death. We had a lovely time that day with him and Lois(chicky). I don't think we had a forieth reunion for the class of 66. Are we planning somthing for our 45th? What do you say Paul? Saw Brent and Neal at my cousins daughter's wedding. Neal was related to the groom through his wife. What a small world when you have attended an Adventist boarding school. Thanks Marlene for all the work you do on this site.

Kathy Heitsch
Waterford, MI

June 23, 2006



Had a free moment at work so to kill some time I decided to check out the website. Don't tell my boss. Did the class of 1966 have a 40 yr reunion? Did I miss it? Let me hear from you class of 66 (and others too)

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