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Glenda Krantz Hubbell
Cincinnati, OH

June 05, 2004



Was looking at the AA website, and was sad to see the news of losing one of the members of the class of 1965, Bill Evilsizer, one of our class officers. As life goes on we each get older and life seems to get more precious. Next year will be the 40th year since our graduation. It would be so great to have a reunion. I married Dick Hubbell from 1963, and they have gotten together faithfully every five years, thanks to the generous time and effort from several dedicated people. They have always been great gathers, with fond memories. I would like to see out class get together. I would be will to help. Doug Fattic talked to me once about getting together. If anyone would like to respond, let's go for it. Life is too short and we should be able to enjoy getting together.

Fred Hyde AA'49
Williamsport, PA

June 04, 2004




Maris Bliesath Hodges

June 03, 2004



Marlene has done a lot of work on this site and it takes $ to keep it going. Please think about donating. If you have a Paypal account it is very easy to transfer funds. Or contact the Webmaster for a snail mail address. Thanks.

Kathleen Evilsizer
Aloha OR

May 26, 2004



I married Bill (William Howard Evilsizer) on August 15, 1997 in Aloha, OR. Sadly, Bill was stricken in October 2003 with Glioblastoma (brain cancer), and passed away at our home here in Aloha on Thursday April 15, 2004. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information or would care to share some of your memories of Bill. I love him so much, and miss him greatly!! Thanks, Kathleen

Sandra Freeman(Saville)
Apopka Florida

May 09, 2004



Class of 1964, would love to hear from you. I am planning to attend 40th this June at AA. Hope to see bunches of folks.

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