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October 20, 2004



It was fun to see your pictures from the reunion and see the people that I know from Holly, as well as those who were classmates at EMC Burge Grubbs "Not of the class of 55," but my kids attended Adelphian in the 70's and 80's

Kathy (Nix) Kelly

September 22, 2004


E-mail: skmrkelly@yahoo,com

Hello class of 1988!!!Hope to hear from some of you. I have a 4 year old girl and a 2 year old boy, we live in Owosso. I am married to Shawn, and am a stay at home mom.

Mindy Woods Colvin
Arlington, TX

September 02, 2004



Great to see this site! I'll pass the word along to the '85 grads I know! It would be fun to get together for our 20th (can you believe it?!)! Still living in Texas with my husband of 8 years, Ray, and our soon-to-be kids. We have a 4-year-old girl, Donna, and one on the way, due September 22, 2004! I work as a Trainer for a Leadership Training company called EmpowerU -- powerful training; I'm blessed to be part of it! Hope all is well with everyone - and I hope to hear from more of you!

gerda konyen-wickett
sitka, alaska

September 01, 2004



Hello anyone from the class of 1966. I have thought many times over the years all the changes we were faced with in the 60's, remember Miss Foreman and her attitude , and what on Earth were we thinking...civil-rights, the war on and on with rreal issues that still matter to me today. In someways Academy life was very hard for me... new to America, from Detroit but the small stuff has dried up and blown away ,lots of nice thoughts stayed. Let me hear from you... Sue Barker where are you? David Smith, Tim R. Kathy H. Sue Olfant (?) anyone... keep on keeping on. Gretchen (Gerda) Konyen.Class of 1966.

gerda konyen-wickett
sitka, alaska

September 01, 2004



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