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Barbara Carde Smith '67
Ocala, FL

July 11, 2004



Greetings to fellow AA Alumni :-) Would love to hear from you and keep up with news, etc. I've enjoyed hearing from a lot of you. It would be nice if we all could get together once again at AA,& especially the whole class of '67. To bad so much time has gone by and continues to go even faster. Would love to have addresses of classmates also.
Thanks for having this site, great job!
Hope it will continue :-)

Susan Medrano
Los Gatos, CA

July 08, 2004



I am very excited to find out about this website. Thank you to Kay (Good)Doggett for informing me. I enjoyed reading all the different entries. I would like to let everyone know from the classes of 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, and 1971 that there is a great reunion planned for September 24-26 - 2004 in the Washington, D.C. area. Please contact me or Sherry Wolf from 1969, Brenda McClure from 1970 for more details.

tochi onwmere

July 03, 2004



Hello, I just got out of the old Adelphian. I went to Holly Academy. I am 15. My mom found this site while looking for school closings for snow. And she came across this site. Wonderful job to the creator(s). It was great to be able to see what my school was like before it became Holly Academy. Things look exactly the same, except there are now boards over the windows and doors. But looking at pictures of what it used to be like was amazing. As soon as I saw pictures of the dorms and the gym, I knew exactly what it was. Again, great job!

Gail (Smith) Costie
Kalamazoo, MI

June 14, 2004



What a great reunion Sabbath we had! There were nine (9) memebers from the class of 71' in attendance and we had a great time catching up with each other. Thanks to all of those who make these weekends possible, your hard work is very much appreciated.

Marlene Murphy
Linden, MI

June 06, 2004



Glenda, you're absolutely right. It's time to start planning our 40th reunion.

I have added a discussion forum topic for the Class of 1965 to start formulating plans to get together.

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