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Gayle (Reid) Moore
Calhoun, Georgia

August 26, 2005



I'm looking for all classmates in the Class of '71. We are planning a 35th reunion and are having trouble locating everyone. Any information would be appreciated.

David A. Fernandez MD
Holly, MI

August 22, 2005



The spirit of Adelphian is alive and well at Adelphian Junior Academy. As the School Board Chairperson I am very proud of our K-10 programs. Our academics are solid but more importantly the spiritual atmosphere among students and faculty is strong! God has richly blessed AJA! Our students are participating in local and global evangelistic outreach. But we need your help to continue to provide an outstanding Christian education! We are trying to establish an Endowment style fund to help keep tuition affordable and provide for the school's long term needs. Our goal is to reach the one million dollar level. There is an URGENT need to raise $45,000 this year alone. I am asking everyone to give a generous tax deductible contribution and to contact friends, other alumni and business colleagues to do the same. Please make out your check to: Adelphian Junior Academy and send it to: Adelphian Junior Academy, PO Box 208, 740 Academy Rd, Holly, MI 48442. AJA's website is:, email is:; phone is 248-634-9481. Please feel free to contact me if you need further information. Thank you all for your generosity and support of AJA and Christian education. May God continue to bless you. Yours in Christ, David A. Fernandez MD, class of '74; 810-516-9764.

GinaThompson Blackmer
Vassar, MI

August 21, 2005



I was wondering if the class of 86 is going to have a reunion, it will be 20 years for us next year, I would be willing to help out and I have a few ideas. If anyone is interested please email me.

Gwynne (Rigg) Drummond [1976]
Altamonte Springs, FL

July 24, 2005



2006 is our 30th! Several of us have been discussing that it might be fun to do a 30th reunion 3-4day cruise. Anyone interested? Been in touch with any of our classmates? Pls send me their email addresses to keep them in the loop.

Irene Dennsion Herr
Keene, TX

July 23, 2005



On a hot July Sabbath in Texas, what better activity than to reminisce about friends in the cool state of Michigan years ago. Thanks, Marlene for all you do on this wonderful work.

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