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Jerry Ferguson Living

Class of 1966

Jerry Ferguson

Austin, TX US
Graduated AA, then on to AU, finished in 71, Married Pam from Texas whom I met at AU then Army for two years. Then back to Mi. Pam finished WMU I became Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. (never did become a truck driver, check out our senior pics) have two great children, (No grandkids) Heather-Married with Husband in Taiwan for missionary work, son finished Thailand missionary work now in LL for Dentistry. A D1 for those in the know. I am now in research for medications and do lots of traveling, based at home, which has been Austin since 86. Hobbies are marble collecting and feeding birds etc. Have been keeping a low profile and admittedly found this site by accident. Sad to see those who are asleep in the Lord.

Last Update: Sunday, February 22, 2009
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