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Maryanne Maston Wilcox Living

Class of 1966

Maryanne Maston

Harris, MN US
My first husband died in 1998 (I had nothing to do with it!) and three years later I was ready to jump into marriage again. Married a stubborn Minnesotan man (I'm beginning to get him broken in) who takes me along with him on his adventures. He is a retired farmer and restorer of ancient buildings but he works full time. I'm going to be preaching in a Kenyan thatched hut bush village in Oct (2005)--after a few days on a safari. Soon after marrying Richard I worked as a phlebotomist at a hospital near St. Paul but quit after a couple of years to become director of a ministry called Cross Works, which is what I do now. Richard and I have combined seven children and eleven grand younguns. I'm passionate about photography and birdwatching and writing. In my spare time I am a recluse.

Last Update: Tuesday, September 27, 2005
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